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Welcome to In His Image Photography
Welcome to In His Image Photography
Our customers proof their images during the photo shoot.
Old Buildings, New World
Dave and Kim Park started In His Image Photography out of their home, but the quality of their work required using a whole city that could handle big groups and big ideas. That's when they invested building In His Image Photography as a force, centered in beautiful historic downtown of Fair Grove, Missouri.

We Proof as We Go
While our locations were being built nearly a hundred years ago, it took bulky cameras, chemicals, and lots of time to take a picture of anything. Photographers hoped and prayed that they were getting their shots.

Now, there's thousands of technology solutions available thanks to the digital photography revolution, but some photographers are still shooting pictures with tools from the 1900's. Why?

Our Technology Makes the Difference
We show you your photos right away, sometimes just minutes after we take them. No chemicals, no processor delays, and no crossed fingers. Then, we use our technology to make your images the best they possibly can be before they're printed.
Photography is What We Do
The digital photography revolution is here. In His Image Photography has taken hundreds of photos inside our studio facilities in Fair Grove and we've snapped thousands more at weddings, sporting events, and other activities across the United States.

What's that mean to you? Even though our home is right on the square in Fair Grove, we've been there, done that, and taken the pictures for the album.
In His Image Photography, 92 South Main Street, Fair Grove, Missouri, 65648.
In His Image Photography, Fair Grove, Missouri
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